Love Yourself First

There has been a lot of things I have learned in February, like for instance that even one day in a hotel ordering room service and hanging out in a Jacuzzi can make you feel better.

Sometimes a staycation is all you need, but don’t forget to take care of yourself it’s really important because we sometimes forget in the midst of taking care of other people.

Whether it’s taking a bath for an hour, dancing to your favourite music, going out to your favourite meal or just going away for the weekend. Make sure that you make yourself a priority.

I published my book The memoir for the forgotten one. It’s now available on Amazon. I’m pretty stoked about this and I achieved two things off my vision board already so I’m pretty pumped about that. We also traded our PS4 for an Xbox One S.

I’ve always liked the Xbox better and it’s been fun trying out new games. We’re hooked on the zookeeper game or we look after zoo animals and get paid it’s pretty fun. Also it’s really nice to have crossed progression to be able to connect my PSN account to my Xbox account. If you guys would like to add me add the one white girl.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these weekly updates and will continue to check out my new videos posted.

Lots of love

Shayla Bobala

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