Am I Dreaming

I have always wondered what’s kept me up at night. Last night I had the worst bout of insomnia. I have had in years. I was laying down last night when I had my partner snoring beside me and as I began to fall asleep I noticed that it was if someone had been shaking me awake and so I panicked and woke up to my body shaking and trembling. I then woke up my partner and he was clearly annoyed. Because he had help me through a lot of things. I was wondering why my body was literally rejecting sleep. I wonder if tonight my body will let me sleep. We had a break in the other day and it was scary. I have the locks changed and I got a new safe. But I still feel violated we told the police and they literally can do nothing so I’m still feeling unsafe. I feel paranoid and worried because I don’t want that to happen again. On the other note I went three months without my period. I somehow Don’t take stress very well. I went to my doctor today and I felt like I’ve kind of lost faith in the world. I thought doctors were to protect people lately it feels the only people they want to protect is themselves. I feel very lonely and isolated in the world where if you are a criminal you are guilty when proven guilty. So innocent until proven guilty. When you tell someone you have a mental illness people act as though you’re a liar until you prove it. Basically you’re guilty until proven innocent . This is why I think but the justice system really needs to help those with without a voice. Be the voice and don’t stand for injustice.

Truly Shayla Bobala

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