Energy Healer

Are you an energy healer. Do you care about others too much? Do you constantly try to help people become more self aware and fullfilled? I do and its exhausting but it really is a passion of mine. But be weary of negative energy its important to remember that it does get in the way of your energy. Energy Healers feel others pain deeper, They have so much Empathy for others and they constantly want to heal others hearts and souls. I cannot wait to do more Crystal healing, Listening to my psychic as well as learning how to do readings myself. Im so drawn to the mystic world. I think its important to follow your own path. do you have extreme intuition? Have you faced gaslighting your whole life because you can read people better than most? Its important to focus on improving yourself more than others. The more physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally healthy you are the more wealth you acquire without trying. Your wealth is not about money but money flows to those who know how to change lives. I want to open up a Salon its been a dream of mine because I want to heal the world through beauty, Yoga, and Energy Healing. I was going to school for Psychology but I realized that the triggers of becoming a psychologist was far to painful at the time to continue down that path.


Truly Shayla Bobala

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