Toxic Relationships

Do your relationships fulfill you or drain you? I have have many that have drained me and sucked the light out of my body. I have been lost but I have also been found. It’s funny when you need someone to guide you it’s always provided by God. I have been so blessed to always been able to find hope and find motivation to continue. It’s so important to remember that we cannot control others but we can control ourselves, where we live, who we hang out with, who we talk to, what we eat and more. But it’s more important to eliminate those who are stopping you from achieving your unlimited potential. You have to surround yourself with believers. I have had so many people stop me from achieving my goals by there toxic words, actions and inability to see my dream as clearly as I could. when I would make it happen instead of people being happy for me I found a lot of resistance. I also found that a lot of people feel threatened by your success because it digs into their insecurities. When we are young if we have bad parents we get taken away and hopefully placed somewhere healthier. As we get older we make the choice of who stays in our life and who’s out of it. Don’t stay in a toxic relationship. Find someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to become better inside and out. Find someone who’s in it Ride or Die Love is important.

Unconditional Love Doesn’t Die

Truly Shayla Bobala

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