Have our generation stopped seeing the value in the mind of puzzle Making. I love doing puzzles for a challenging fun time I think that it’s important to focus your mind and it helps memory. I’m the type that will sit for 12 hour doing a puzzle if it means I will get it done. I don’t like leaving things undone.

I also love doing word search puzzles cause they also trick the mind. I am glad that I have had a lot of time to talk with a friend about our problems while doing puzzles. My old friend Louise really helped guide me into adulthood.

She taught me never to settle and don’t accept physical violence in relationships. She also taught me not to let a guy lead me on. She also ate a lot of liver which was really gross so that’s a thing. I worked with her at Esso. She was a dear friend. She really had a tough life and ended up working there until her son offered to take care of her.

I’m really glad her life got better.

It’s important to learn from the older generation mistakes so we don’t repeat them.

Truly Shaylabobala

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