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Throughout my years of experience of being in several long term relationships of 1,2,3 years. I have gained knowledge on many things. I learned that your first love in highschool doesn’t always workout. I’ve learned that if you date someone older they can help teach you important life skills. I learned that you shouldn’t always put so much pressure on things working out forever. Some people are only around for a season. I learned that if you are broken, like I was coming from foster care that you can’t be with someone with a normal family because they won’t understand your struggles.

I have dated younger, older, my age and men who were just there through a hard time in my life. I also learned that love is temporary in some people’s life and they give the love they receive from there most important people in their life. I learned that true love is patient, persistent and most important loyal. I dated a guy once who was unfaithful to his partner and they ended up getting back together but did it last no. Love that is broken up by infidelity can never truly be as special as loyal love. There is a difference between physical cheating and just talking to other people flirting. But the physical cheating is impossible to forgive and trust me on this one I tried to forgive.

Love is so special because you meet someone who literally changes your whole perspective on the world. I have met my soulmate and we have struggled but at the end of the day love prevails all trials and my love was tested at extreme lengths.

Truly Shaylabobala

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  1. Awesome post Shayla, I have also published a post on relation ship, “we should compromise in a relationship”. Mostly people liked that real life experience and it’s a great advice to keep relationship stronger and secure. Thanks for sharing Shayla.

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