What’s an extraordinary life on your terms?

Here’s what my vision is

Being super fit and active

Being the top female youtube creator

Being a billionaire which allows full financial freedom for me and my family

Having a large family of 6 healthy children with a married committed partner

Travelling every second month

Being a salon owner with a restaurant and gym attached

Creating my own makeup line

Becoming an icon of multiple success on Forbes

Being able to attend major events yearly, vidcon, imats, coachella & more

Having 8 cats and 2 dogs

Building my dream home and customizing rooms with an interior designer

Having an online membership site that has completed courses and special events and exclusives for subscribers to all ten channels

Have all 10 Youtube channels hit 10 million subscribers

Have the best wedding ever at Fantasyland

Have an incredible husband I can always count on

Compete in Bodybuilding Competitions

Help my partner with his dream of creating videos games

Truly Shaylabobala

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