How Youtube Changed My Life

I have been watching youtube since 2006 and I really started getting into content creation consistently in 2013 when I bought my first home. I had also a really nice investment that helped me get my computer. I was so happy to have a great spot to film. Youtube at first was not always a positive for me as I got bullied for trying at work and by certain people in my life. I did not care because I started seeing dramatic growth come 2016 when I finally picked up momentum. It was 2017 in March when I finally had 3500 Subscribers. I really found it rewarding to collaborate and I had found myself an opportunity with a film maker but shortly after I realized they just wanted a cut of my revenue. Youtube pays you 55% ad revenue and they take 45% revenue so giving up any more of my hard earned dollars was not worth it. When I first started cheques started to flow in from $100 to $350 a month. It wasn’t until I got 10 Thousand Subscribers when the free clothing sponsorships started flowing in. I have had lots of different companies from bath bombs, makeup, skincare, clothing, phone cases and haircare. I only pick products that work for me and I’m proud of. My most loyal sponsor is Rosegal and I have had 6 bikini and clothing hauls from them all for free. I was so excited the first time a company wanted to pay me for a sponsorship.

Later in 2017 my growth really started to bloom with the year ending in 29,000 Subscribers. I moved to Edmonton, Alberta that year on October 15, 2019. It really helped me promote more in a larger city and I put up poster around town. I really enjoyed working from home and experiencing a new city. Youtube became a full-time job bringing in $1200 – $2500 at that time. My Income continued to grow as I did YouTube and grew a fan funding platform called Patreon as my second source of income. Most people donate once and then see everything and leave but I could make between $2000 – $5000 on Patreon alone plus my youtube revenue which made it easier to by makeup supplies. I also decided after a year of living in Edmonton that I would give up driving so I sold my vehicle and it gave me a new perspective on live. Your value doesn’t come from what you own it comes from the value you bring to others to make their life better.

As I continued on my Youtube Journey in 2018 I was able to grow my audience to 75 Thousand Subscribers. I also achieved a views milestone of 54 Million Lifetime Views. I started to focus my efforts on building a website on shopify to teach others how to grow an online business but people where unreceptive and I left and decided to finish my Memior that will be passive income for the rest of my life. You can find it on Amazon and use kindle to view it. I really wanted to build a new website so I focused on WordPress and I have seen tremendous growth since starting a few months ago. I have had 3000 Viewers and 44 Followers. I know it seems small but everything starts small and blooms over consistency and effort. I am excited for the next year and will continue to work my but off to learn, grow and find new ways of automating my work.

This year hasn’t ended yet but I did hit another amazing milestone when I achieved 100K Subscribers and got my PlayButton Plaque From Youtube. I was so greatful and still can’t believe it. I also grew 52 Thousand more Subscribers since and have been seeing 4000 – 7000 Subscribers a month since that achievement. I cannot wait to continue to my journey. Thank you for following my journey and for all your support we are currently 152,400 K Subscribers and at 74 Million Views.

I am so greatful for youtube and all the blessings it has given me.

Shayla Bobala

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