My Worst Tinder Date

I went out with this guy trying to get over my ex and actually it was pretty sketchy. He took me in his truck over a lake and almost drove into the lake. Then he took me back to his place because he said he was renovating it. The place was so dirty and then he stepped on my coffee and my hand. Then he said sorry and then he asked if he could kiss me and I thought maybe a kiss on the cheek wouldn’t be so bad so I let him. He then got on the floor in front of my and spread my legs and I said no that’s not my intention. This was after he started kissing my neck. Then I fucked up and said the reason was because I am not looking for a hookup. He started getting silently violent and was pacing in the kitchen. He got so angry. I was really nervous and said his place wasn’t clean enough because of the construction and he got mad and then I said I would call a cab and don’t even offer to take me home. I was broke at the time and had to beg him to take me home after he tried to rape me. I had to push him off and then he angry said fine and took me home. I ran away from his truck and started crying I definitely learned my lesson.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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