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I’m gonna focus mainly on Instagram here and YouTube which are my main ones I use daily. I also love Pinterest but I find the app easy you just follow and people follow you. Instagram requires you to upload to stories, post regularly as well as sharing on the regular. Same with YouTube I find a hack for youtube is sharing photos on the stories and making sure that you are sharing to all social media’s after you post. Also post in the community tab. Share information your videos so that if the don’t get notifications as often they will definitely get them on a different media. I know that daily uploads are very important when your first starting out. As you grow you can post 30 videos and take 10 days off a month by doing two a day some days and then one some days. I am really excited for this years growth. Instagram has grown from 1000 followers to 20.6K Followers in a year and YouTube went from 75K to 152K in a year. I also know that doing live-streaming is important to show that you genuinely want to get to know your audience and connect with them on the regular.

High quality equipment is not as important as genuinely caring about your audience.

You can do this only on a phone or iPad. So don’t feel discouraged. Another hack of mine is Social blade it helps you see future estimations of subscribers and views which can motivate you harder. Then more you grow the better the futures growth.

If there was one piece of advice I’d give that really was a game changer it would be to make sure that your recent video is on the featured video on your channel right when it uploads.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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