How To Get A 800 Credit Score

#1 Have Under 30% Credit Used up and never go over it always pay that back every month

#2 Have 3 types of credit like a financed phone, credit card, and a house or a line of credit to build up credit

#3 Have a good relationship with lenders

#4 Always make your payments on time

#5 Pay more than the minimum

#6 Always Raise your limit every second year to raise your utilization

#7 Use financing before paying things right off as long as you can afford it

#8 Make sure to pay using credit and pay it back within a few weeks to get points that can be used in exchange for cash back or travel

#9 Pay off higher credit interest rates first always

#10 Make sure to be smart about unsecured debt

#11 Student loans hurt your credit pay them back ASAP

That is how I got mine up when I was young with no credit at all

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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