20 Self Care Ideas

1) Take a Bath with bubbles and Champagne

2) Do Yoga with Calming Music

3) Meditate on good things you want in the future

4) Go watch the stars outside

5) Start A Blog and journal daily

6) Binge Watch Netflix

7) Setup a Christmas Tree

8) Play with your Dog or Cat

9) Dance to Your Favourite Songs

10) Make a TikTok that makes you laugh

11) Take Yourself on a Date to your favourite restaurant

12) Organize your Bathroom

13) Give Yourself a Pedicure

14) Put a hair mask in & a face mask

15) Write a Book

16) Listen to an audiobook

17) Workout using Hiit

18) Give yourself a massage

19) Make yourself some Hot Chocolate

20) Go Swimming

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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