The 8 Income Streams

There are so many ways to make money but these are some you may not have thought of before. It’s important to remember that you can make a living from more than just working a typical 9 – 5 job working minimum wage.

1) There is passive income where you make a video or a blog post and you continue to make ad revenue and sponsorships off your previous works also writing a ebook is considered passive income because you don’t have to do anything but watch the sales come in. Movies and films too because they bring in revenue without having to do more work.

2) Working a commission job in sales either online or in person. It takes a lot of work because you have to follow up with people and you get rejected a lot. I really think the best commission job is being a real estate agent.

3) Then there is profit income from buying and then selling them for more than you paid.

4) There is interest income from lending money.

5) There is Dividend income from owning stocks and having growth but it’s a gamble.

6) You can make royalties by letting others use your music or films in theirs.

7) There are also Capital gains when your assets like a home, vehicle or property goes up in value and helps increase your net worth. The value of everything you own.

8) There is Rental Income from renting out your property or an apartment building.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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