The Importance of Music

Music has impacted my life so greatly. Whether it’s good oldies that sing about true love and heartbreak or just a good old musical I truly use music to express how I feel. I feel it’s so much easier to connect with others through music. It’s like the musician speaks for you.

I was bullied a lot in Highschool and I had an iPod when they first where launched. I literally always had one ear in all the time and would walk around with music in my ear to avoid socializing. I really enjoyed jamming out. If the bullies would get bad enough I would go into the bathroom and listen to music in there. I think the music kept me alive through those years.

I also remember using music to help me get ready in the morning. I think it’s incredible motivation and it gives me a lot of energy. I would also use it when I would work out. I went for plenty of walks in university and without music it would have been boring. I truly am excited for this next year because I want to produce my first music video.

I have been writing poetry and music since I was 12 and we would drive to my speed swimming competitions. Especially when my aunt was grouchy I would listen to music to block her out.

I am going to be producing plenty of music and I look forward to producing it into videos.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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