Shoutouts to My favourite Instagram Peeps

My first one inspired me from being a professional bodybuilder and her handle is but her full name is Karly Renman. She does pole dancing competitions, bodybuilding and she also owns her own gym with her partner. She is a real role model and mentor to me.

This next girl has changed her life completely this last year her handle is @katefert. That’s also her name she moved from Kelowna and I have been watching her weight loss transformation and I’m super impressed. She inspires me through her fashion and body positivity posts.

This next girl is a model who really inspires me by her gorgeous body as well as her body positive attitude and I love her confidence. She has a carefree attitude. Her handle is @Jessicacakes2 and her name is Jessica Weaver.

Those are the ones I follow regularly the rest are YouTubers.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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