What I’ve learned is it’s taken for granted the most. People will apologize and then do it again without ever being conscious about it. It can be utterly exhausting you have to know when to quit.

I have had a lot of narcissistic people in my life who who have taken advantage of my kindness and I have learned how to know who is worthy of forgiveness.

I have moved away from my original birth city Saskatoon. I honestly think it was the best decision. I haven’t been back for 2 years. There is a reason for it. I don’t want to run into people who expect easy forgiveness and don’t give it in return. Grudges are nasty and things don’t get fixed easily when everything you do is being watched and criticized.

If any of those people read this. I forgive you and I have moved on that’s why I am not back there that’s my old life.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

1 thought on “Forgiveness”

  1. I smiled after reading this. I think it is knowing who to let into your space and protect yourself. Relocating is always a good idea. I did thesame for a different reason. I did not plan it, or I planned it differently but the universe had a better way😀. Thank you for sharing 🙏

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