Save For Your Future

It’s important to save for the things you may need in the future. It’s also important so that you can travel and enjoy retirement. Honestly I can’t imagine retiring until I’m 75 because I love my job. I think there will be tremendous opportunities to change the world and I will probably just volunteer my life away.

I really enjoyed growing up with my grandparents because it showed me that my life is only beginning there is so much life ahead and enjoyment.

It’s important to have different bank accounts and to budget. I’m sure you have heard that before.

If you enjoy every minute of life than you will be able to not miss out on things. Don’t forget to live don’t spend every minute saving or every minute spending large because it will affect you but every thing in moderation teaches you respect.

You have to respect money and understand that you don’t have to live for retirement you can live like your retired if you get business savy. If you live your life with gratitude and make sure to save 50 percent and then 25 living expenses and 25 percent fun and adventure you will be very happy.

I personally have a

living expenses account

Bussiness account

Cash account

Travel account

RDSP Account

and a few others but it’s important to have more than one.

Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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