It’s Officially A New Year 2020

It’s time to get started on all those goals and planning you have been doing. I know for myself I have a lot to do. But make sure to take it one step at a time. Don’t do 20 goals at once because that won’t really be proactive. They will get in the way of each other.

This year I’m starting with preloading and delegating. I want to be able to make more content but still be able to spend lots of time with my partner, friends and cats.

I am going to preload content before this year begins and make sure that I post content in a routine. You will have to come check out my YouTube channel Shaylabobala. My other channels will be spontaneously done until I get to 10,000 Subscribers on each then there will be regular content on their almost daily. My priority lies with the channel I’ve invested the most time in and have done 1110 Videos on in the last 4 years. I am truly excited to see the sponsors that will come to me in the following year. As well as the opportunities.

I’m always looking for people to collaborate with who are genuinely looking to build a community and make a living through honesty on the platform. A lot of times people think there is not a lot of work that goes into it but you would be surprised.

I also want to create things and courses to sell on my website here, so that is coming. I would love to have the opportunity to travel and work with brands to model more clothing in photo shoots. I would love to get on PR lists and review more makeup as well.

Being able to be financially free, buy a home again and buy a vehicle again would be spectacularly good this year but that’s just the beginning of a better life.

Most of all I would like to really bond with my soulmate this year and get married.

Thank you all I am so excited for this year.

truly Shayla

Ps some goals I have kept silent so keep reading to find out more

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