About Me

Shayla Bobala

Hey my name is Shayla, I am a 28 year old YouTube creator who since March 2020, I have also been developing my website & multiple graphic designs. I have a passion for videography, music, fashion, as well as beauty. I create multiple niches of content on my channel hungwana boss society. I have been revamping my website since June. I am from Saskatoon originally and now reside in Edmonton. Which will soon change to Calgary, Alberta in January.  I have been a content creator since 2016 full-time. I moved to a bigger city for more opportunity to collaborate and to have the ability to film in the West Edmonton Mall The Biggest mall in North America. I have two ginger cats & will outwork anyone.

I am is excited to welcome you to the Hungwana Community, I look forward to you seeing what’s also in my membership community. This includes video gallery, pdfs, meditations, freebies, photo gallery, resources, podcasts & more to come next year. 

Separately I will have 20 Courses, Rare Coaching Opportunities, PDFs and my E-Book For Sale By September 21st.  I also have so much to offer you in the next year and feel free to reach out by email.  I offer courses such as Social Media Masterclasses, Business & Self Development Masterminds. 

My Memoir

I have wrote a book about my first 25 years of life. I am excited for you to read. All names have been changed to keep identities safe. I am excited for you to get to know me better.

Canva Workshops

I am excited to show you how to make incredible designs for all social media. Use My Referral Link in my referrals. I offer a masterclass and it gives you ideas for designs you can keep.  

Coaching 1 on 1

I offer Zoom Consults for Auditing Youtube Channels  & I take on a Limited Amount Each Month. I can teach you about Youtube, Website Design, How To Stay More Organized, Pinterest, Instagram & Much More. Email Me For More Information. 

Client Reviews

I pride myself in working hard for everyone of my clients. I have taken many masterclasses, courses  & have learned from experience what it takes to run a successful business. Let Me Help You Next !!!!

So Fly Official - Joseph Cain

She is very descriptive and detailed. I'm Currently Taking The "Youtube 100K Loyalty Masterclass" I just started this course with 3300 Subscribers in May. I have gained 3500 more since. The Content is Very Informative, Its very descriptive, Everything About the Design is Amazing. So Far I'm Loving It. I am finding this course very great!!!

Basic Membership - Rob

I have just started my membership. We have been friends for just over a year. I watch her YouTube channel and admire her hard work on the platform.

BuzzFashionGaming - Kyle Rabuka

I loved working with Shayla because she helped me with my logo design. She also helped me pick a name with multiple niches. I had fun with her creative ideas. I am excited to develop a fun community. She is very helpful. She inspired me to put myself out there and make a YouTube channel.