Shayla Bobala

I Run Ten Youtube Channels My Main One Is ShaylaBobala, shayrawfitness, shaylabobalabeauty, bobalagaming, shaylabobalamusic, shaylabobalaextras, BobalaFamJam, BPDMotivational, ShaylaTravelAdventura and MeditationMadness. I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan but moved to Edmonton, Alberta for two years now.


What I’ve learned is it’s taken for granted the most. People will apologize and then do it again without ever being conscious about it. It can be utterly exhausting you have to know when to quit. I have had a lot of narcissistic people in my life who who have taken advantage of my kindness …

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Which Should you Purchase Ninja or Vitamix Blender?

The answer is more in affordability the vitamix is the best with the silicone lid and the hole in the middle for easy stirring as well as advanced features for all types of things like soup, smoothies, crushing, slushes and more. The cost is $500 but it’s high quality so it will last a long …

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Shoutouts to My favourite Instagram Peeps

My first one inspired me from being a professional bodybuilder and her handle is but her full name is Karly Renman. She does pole dancing competitions, bodybuilding and she also owns her own gym with her partner. She is a real role model and mentor to me. This next girl has changed her life …

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