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Exclusive Pages For Yearly & Lifetime Memberships Only

      Hey lovelies, I wanted to share with you that some pages will be restricted underneath this category. If you want access please purchase your memberships and you will receive and email for all the pages. If you are a lifetime member you also get access to all the courses. If you are yearly that has to be paid separately. I’m excited to offer more privileges that I never did before when I used patreon. 

These are the privileges you receive as a yearly member

Podcasts, thousands of photos, exclusive videos, vip passes to meet and greets. You also get to have my direct phone number, will be a permanent member of the hungwana community, you will also build a friendship with me for helping me create more as well as supporting my business. The main difference between yearly and lifetime is you get access to all courses in lifetime as well access to free passes to seminars. I will be giving away lifetime memberships and people who are yearly members will have a higher chance of winning.

These are the extra privileges on top of the above ones you receive as a lifetime member

Access to tickets all events free forever

Vip Passes to Meet and Greets

Lifetime support and access to every course on my website forever.

I would love to honour you at events as well.

I would love to call you and help you grow your business

I will support your growth on social media and promote you

I will answer all your questions first and be able to guide you through every course

Passwords will be mailed monthly.

Thank you in advance for supporting me and my bussiness lets grow together & rock this

Shayla Bobala




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