Hungwana Boss Society News & Updates

I am so greatful to have figured out how to create this website this next month will be completely new and exciting because I will have learned how to teach you how to build a website. 

I have seven unique courses currently & will be adding one a month some will be free so make sure to continue to checkout my website for free offers and giveaways for subscribers. I decided to change my website name if you noticed this is the new community I am building.  

New In July Other Than My Birthday Month!! Is the fact that I have decided to create on my website full-time. That Means Only 4 Videos a Month On My Youtube Channel. After 4 years of being a full-time creator I have decided to make less content on my YouTube channel and more for the subscribers who support me with donations.   I have decided that eventually I will create most of my content directly on my own site. I love YouTube but the recent dramas have shown me that I want to have full control over every part of my videos. There will me archives of all content by the end of September and slowly videos will get privatized. I will only be leaving the videos I am most fond of on YouTube directly. 

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