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My Mastery Course Main Hub

Courses I’m Currently Offering 2020

March 2o2o I Made (Current Value Added)

Instagram Your Way Masterclass – $100

1 Section / 10 Lessons / 1 Module

Pinterest Mastery – $125

1 Section / 5 Lessons / 1 Module

Vision Board Mastery  – $75

3 Sections / 10 Lessons/ 2 Module

Hungwana Boss Business Routine Investment – $350

1 Sections / 6 Lessons /12 Module

Bonus PDF’s Included

Canva Pro Mastery Course – $100

1 Sections / 6 Lessons / 12 Module

Life Planner Game Changer Course – $100

1 Sections / 4 Lessons / 2 Module

May 2020 I Made

YouTube 100K Loyalty Masterclass – $1000

Lesson Plan Fully Completed Written Materials

(1 Section /24 Lessons/ 5 Bonus Module)

Bonus PDF’s Included

Courses To Be Released In 2020 Not Up For Sale Yet


Membership Website Platform Builder Masterclass ( Bonus Patreon Guide) – 

Releasing By July

Cost $500

Twitter Masterclass Program – Releasing By October 

Cost $100

Trail Blazer Weightloss Masterclass Program – Releasing When Goal Reached 

Custom Designed Plans Made Directly By Me For Multiple Levels Of Fitness From Beginner to Advanced Elite Professionals.

Cost $1000

1 Million Youtube Mastery Excellence Course – Releasing Based On Growth 

100K Loyalty Course Included As A Huge Bonus For Those Who Want A Two In One

Cost $2500

Bonus Year End Surprise Course – Free Course Once Per Year Get a Free Course 


Courses & Ebooks To Be Released In 2021 


How to Launch Your First Ebook – Release In Early February

Cost $TBD

How to Setup Finances & Bank Account For Success 

Cost $TBD

Bobala’s Dream Cookbook

Costs $TBD

More To Come As Well As Revamping of All Parts Of Website 

Prices May Go Up As I Add More To Courses

But Once Purchased You Have Lifetime Access

Bonus Year End Surprise Course – Free Course Once Per Year Get a Free Course






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