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YouTube 100K Loyalty Course


My channel hit 100K Subscribers in December of 2018. It took me a while to get there but it all started with consistent uploads and regular changes to content and a variety of different challenges. I want to help you avoid those roadblocks and challenges that I overcame. Doesn’t matter what niche of content you have you can make a successful YouTube channel out of it. Youtube is one of the fastest growing websites and it became largely successful due to the popularity of advertising. Which is the bases of how we get paid at the start. There are many ways to make money on YouTube but these are the many ways I will help you navigate.

Youtube Revenue – Ads, Superchat & Memberships

Sponsorships – Free Makeup, Clothes, Fitness, & Gaming & Paid Ones

Merchandise – Teespring, Build Your Own Clothing Line & Other Merch Companies

Referrals – WordPress, TubeBuddy and much more companies pay for you to refer them or give you free memberships in return

Patreon – Fanfunding offer a reward in exchange for a donation

Membership Website – Sell Courses and give extra video & photo content in exchange

I will walk you through how to pick tags, descriptions and titles that are interesting & eye-catching. If you would like to join this course please preorder as there will be limited spots for this specifically. I will email you and make sure that you feel supported. I will also do a channel Audit for you and give you personal feedback to help you spruce it up if your missing something that would help you grow faster.

I will help you share for the most views to start and much more.

Course will be emailed with password and you will have feedback from me directly. This course is your guide to getting monetized and getting your content & business seen. 6 month or 12 month audit included. This course will have videos never seen before, pdfs worksheets, and examples of custom thumbnails for guidance, Letters to sponsors and much more.

Youtube Loyalty 100K Masterclass

24 Lesson Plans With 8 Bonuses Step By Step Guide, 6 month and 12 month audit, Coaching through email or on Instagram, Help through merchandise setup as well as logo design, Much More than just a masterclass it’s the ultimate guide to 100K Subscribers with a mentor to guide you. Dabblers and people who easily give up will not succeed in this I require full commitment. One On One Coaching As Well As 24/7 Reachable By Email and Will Always Get Back To You Within 24 Hours






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